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Peace and Harmony through Music

Date: 09 July 2020

Inner Search Foundation, with the aim of spreading peace, harmony, devotion, goodness, and positivity, has released a Collection of Bhajans. The entire Album and sols bhajans are released on ISF GROUP you tube channel and are free for all to listen and download.

Adhyatma Path - complete album includes bhajans:

Compositions by: Late Pandit Chetram
Singer and Voice Over: Pawan Kapoor
Music Arrangement: Shri Prashant Salil
Programming by Siddharta Saxena Musicians: Sitar by Umashankar Shukla, Flute by Atul Sharma, Santoor by Prashant Salil, Guitar & Keyboard by Siddharth Saxena
Recording Studios: Trio Digital by Tapan Dewan, and Buss In by Satyajit
Mixed and Mastered by Samarth Saxena
Graphics and Visuals: Yogyata Kapoor
Images from "The Confluence" -

*For better experience use of headphone or earphone is recommended