Yoga and Meditation

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Stay Healthy at Home.
Live Interactive classes with a Trained Yoga Professional

Starting on 02/Dec/2020

  • First Session: Free
  • INR 1200/- per month for 12 sessions
  • Morning and Evening Batches on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Systematic teaching of Pranayam, Asanas, Dhyan
  • Personalised attention
  • One free session every month for Breathing and Alignment

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Yoga Classes

YOGA classes provide an opportunity to experience Yoga as a Way of Life. They help individuals to develop better understanding of self at all the three levels, i.e. Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

The objective of sharing age old wisdom in Classes is to introduce individual to a Path which leads to effective and fulfilling life experiences.

Methodology used is based on the practical science and philosophy of Yoga as propagated by Patanjali in Yoga-Sutras. The sessions include discussions on concepts of Yama and Niyamas, and their application in day to day life, and practical on Asanas, Pranayama, Concentration and introduction to Meditation. Classes are conducted in a manner where each participant gets complete attention.

Yoga classes can be attended by anyone and are complimentary to any medical treatment and in harmony with every religion.

The result/ benefits of the classes are improved physical and mental health, peace of mind, increases creativity and productivity.

Presenting a short video conceived and shot by Inner Search Foundation on Simple stretching exercises. These simple exercises can be very helpful in stress management and can be adopted as a part of your daily routine.

Simple Stretching Exercises