Yoga and Meditation

Yoga Classes

YOGA classes provide an opportunity to experience Yoga as a Way of Life. They help individuals to develop better understanding of self at all the three levels, i.e. Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

The objective of sharing age old wisdom in Classes is to introduce individual to a Path which leads to effective and fulfilling life experiences.

Methodology used is based on the practical science and philosophy of Yoga as propagated by Patanjali in Yoga-Sutras. The sessions include discussions on concepts of Yama and Niyamas, and their application in day to day life, and practical on Asanas, Pranayama, Concentration and introduction to Meditation. Classes are conducted in a manner where each participant gets complete attention.

Yoga classes can be attended by anyone and are complimentary to any medical treatment and in harmony with every religion.

The result/ benefits of the classes are improved physical and mental health, peace of mind, increases creativity and productivity.

Presenting a short video conceived and shot by Inner Search Foundation on Simple stretching exercises. These simple exercises can be very helpful in stress management and can be adopted as a part of your daily routine.

Simple Stretching Exercises



Meditation is a profound spiritual practice which brings mindfulness, clarity of thoughts and calmness of emotions. It helps in reducing negativities, stress and anxiety and allows to experience a state of awareness, mental clarity and improved focus.

In today’s time life is hectic for many and chaotic for some. Numerous demands of life make many people feel frustrated, depressed or stressed. Many often feels that there is no time to do any practice regularly. This kind of thinking does not bring true happiness, joy or peace and can adversely affect one’s health.

However, some time spend on meditation makes one’s mind calm and focused and hence gives more time and makes life serene, smooth and calm. To experience this state one has to make a small effort.

No one can be too busy to meditate!

The following link offers a simple guided Mediation. Hope you are the determined one who will do a regular practice of Meditation and shall experience and enjoy the inner peace throughout the day, and not just while seated in meditation. A 5-minute meditation routine everyday is known to make you calmer, stress-free and more productive in daily life:

Guided Meditation

Seminars, Workshops and Programs

The foundation conducts seminars and workshops on Stress Management, Yoga for Better living, Self Development Programme and other Yoga related topics at schools, colleges, for general public and for corporate houses:

  • Teambuilding and Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • General Management skills
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Stress Management
  • Performance Improvement Program

Yoga Teacher's Training Programme: In pursuance of the goals of the foundation, it is of utmost importance that good teachers are available to impart the right training. Training of teachers has commenced since January 2002. This programme is open to those who have completed the basic Yoga course at the centre and have shown right attitude towards Yoga as a way of life.