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Peace and Harmony through Music

Inner Search Foundation, with the aim of spreading peace, harmony, devotion, goodness, and positivity, has released a Collection of Bhajans. The entire Album and sols bhajans are released on ISF GROUP you tube channel and are free for all to listen and download.

Adhyatma Path - complete album includes bhajans:

Compositions by: Late Pandit Chetram
Singer and Voice Over: Pawan Kapoor
Music Arrangement: Shri Prashant Salil
Programming by Siddharta Saxena Musicians: Sitar by Umashankar Shukla, Flute by Atul Sharma, Santoor by Prashant Salil, Guitar & Keyboard by Siddharth Saxena
Recording Studios: Trio Digital by Tapan Dewan, and Buss In by Satyajit
Mixed and Mastered by Samarth Saxena
Graphics and Visuals: Yogyata Kapoor
Images from "The Confluence" -

*For better experience use of headphone or earphone is recommended

Urmila Award

The ‘Urmila Award’ was instituted on the 8th August 2020 by Inner Search Foundation.

The Urmila Award is instituted in memory of the late Mrs Urmila Kapoor, mother of Shri Pawan Kapoor, the founder of the Inner Search Foundation.

The objective of this award is to recognize and encourage creativity and excellence in the field of Light Music (vocal) which includes Bhajans, Ghazals and any other Hindi songs. It aims at encouraging and supporting individuals and/or groups who may be pursuing vocal music. This is an annual award.  The Award may have different theme every year.

Urmila Award 2021 was based on the Adhyatma Path album: Urmila Award 2021 winners were announced on 15th Jan 2021. 

Urmila Award website:


Indu Award

इन्दु प्रभा पुरस्कार

इनर सर्च फाउंडेशन ने हिंदी भाषा के लेखकों, कवियों एवं रचनाकारों को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए इन्दु प्रभा पुरस्कार स्थापित किया है। यह पुरस्कार हिंदी भाषा की एक ऐसी कृति को प्रति वर्ष दिया जायेगा जो मानवीय मूल्यों के व्यापक आदर्शों को कहीं ना कहीं रेखांकित और अभिव्यंजित करती हो। कृति कविता, व्यंग, नाटक, उपन्यास, संस्मरण, कथा-साहित्य, विवेचन, आलोचना आदि किसी भी विधा से हो सकती है। इस पुरस्कार के लिए लेखक, कवि, रचनाकार स्वयं अपना नाम प्रस्तावित कर सकते हैं। कोई भी कृति का प्रस्ताव रचनाकार के मरणोपरांत स्वीकार नहीं किया जायेगा। पुरस्कार हेतु केवल अप्रकाशित कृति का प्रस्ताव ही स्वीकार किया जायेगा।

Visit here: मुख्य पृष्ठ | इन्दु प्रभा पुरस्कार (

Health and Medical Camps

In pursuit of its objectives to help the needy and spread awareness for alternative medicines, Inner Search Foundation has organized medical and health camps for the local villages and communities.

The most recent and widely attended camp was held on 15th Nov 2018 at Group Gram Panchayat Village Nenavali, Maharashtra.
The camp was led by Dr Ravi Vairagade, a recipient of Best Innovation in Global Health Care Award, and his team of doctors:
Dr. Aakash Maghade, Dr. Shweta Thool, Dr. Jyotsana Singh and Dr. Rohini Mishra
It was attended
by over 80 patients. The camp was a huge success and recognized by the village authorities.

Contribution towards Education in Villages and Local Communities

In 2018, the foundation's philanthropic pursuits have gained momentum by way of contribution towards the education in the villages.

ISF Group donated computers to the Gram Panchayat Schools of Villages Nenavali, Pimploli and Khadsamble. All these villages fall under the Group Gram Panchayat of Nenavali which happens to be the largest village in this area of district Raigad. ISF is extremely thankful for the opportunity and the experience and looks forward to creating a beautiful future for all that come in contact.

ISF further plans to create an educational and holistic living campus in the area and help the local villages for sustainable living.