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True everlasting happiness, which we all are seeking, remains an illusion as long as we continue to search for it in wealth, comfort, relationships, possessions, intellectual knowledge and power. This external search is a result of our continuous identification with our body and the mind, which are subject to change, decay and death. According to the ancient books of wisdom, true happiness lies in knowing ourselves at all the three levels; i.e. the body, the mind and the Real self, which lies within each one of us. This compete understanding of self also helps in developing clarity with regards to our relationship with the external world. 

Inner Search Foundation is a non-profitable charitable trust founded on the 13th November 2000 under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. It has been established with an objective of helping individuals develop a complete understanding of self at all the three levels and thereby become more effective in their respective fields of influence. The methodology used for this is the age-old practical science and philosophy of Yoga, understood as A Way of Life. Improved physical and mental health, peace of mind, creativity and productivity are the fruits one reaps along the path to complete Self Awareness.

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